Non Resident Indians [NRI]

Thanigai Estates & Constructions Pvt.Ltd Has Seen A Definite Upsurge Over The Last Few Years In The Real Estate Market In India. While This Encourages Local Residents To Invest ASAP, NRIs Remain Hard To Come By Owing To The Worries Of Efficient Management. Most Indian Citizens In Foreign Countries Find It’s Very Hard To Identify A Company That Will Handle The Buying / Selling / Renting / Leasing Process In India Without Any Shoddy Or Under-The-Table Dealings.

Thanigai Estates & Constructions Has Made Its Presence Felt In The Real Estate Market By Being The Go To Name Or Realtors And Buyers Alike. The Best Deals In The Market Are Cracked And Delivered By Thanigai Estates & Constructions, Irrespective Of Whether The Project Is Residential Properties, Commercial Spaces, Plots, Farmhouses Or Luxury Villas. The Thanigai Estates & Constructions Team Is Backed By A Wealth Of Knowledge About The Realty Industry And Has Created A Special Response Team To Cater To The Needs Of Non-Resident Indians.

Leasing Out Commercial and Residential Spaces

As An Investor You May Be Sitting On A Piece Of Residential Property And Knowing That We Have The Ability To Develop It Will Show Up At Some Point As A Developer. You Don’t Want To Sell The Land To Us And If You Want To Participate In The Development By Contributing The Land To The Deal.

Financial Counseling and Facilitation

Finances are a tricky aspect in the sale and purchase of any piece of realty. Thanigai Estates understands such intricacies well and therefore offers counseling for the client regarding loans and facilitates the availing of the same.

Management of Property:

Exclusively for our remote clientele, Thanigai Estates offers to manage all the needs of your property at highly competitive prices. NRI’s, from the comfort of their home can supervise the buying, selling, leasing of their property as well as its maintenance with 100% assurance of total transparency.

Special NRI Services:

Thanigai Estates’ range of selective services for NRIs includes:

  • Facilitating opportunities for investing/buying/leasing and selling of property, anywhere in Tamil Nadu
  • Facilitating fund transfer with compliance to legal and taxation procedures
  • Real-time assistance and consultation
  • Holistic Real-Estate Management Services
  • Keeping the client up-to-date on the developments in Indian realty via Thanigai Estates’ official website


As A Real Estate Investor You Don't Have Cash For The Down Payment And The Experience To Manage An Investment May Not Be Able To Get A Loan On A Property Due To Poor Credit. If You Are An Individual Or Entity You Can Travel With Us In A Joint Venture For The Credit Needed To Get Financing On Your Property.