We Raise Money For Businesses & Accessing Such A Ventures For Investors & Utilizing It To The Internet & Social Media Such As Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram To Reach An Audience Of Potential Customers.

Our Vision Behind Crowdfunding Is That Many Peoples Are Willing To Invest A Small Amount Of Money Can Be Raised Quite Quickly With Thanigai Estates. Crowdfunding Increases The Capital That Might Be Able To Raise Our Company And Our Crowdfunding Offers Investors The Ability To Become Shareholders In Thanigai Estates Or Our Real Estate Property.

The Major Benefit In Our Crowdfunding Is That It Doesn't Take A Large Amount Of Money From Investors To Get In Thanigai Estates Also, We Solved The Biggest Risk in Crowdfunding Created The 32 Years of Financial History in The Real Estate Business.

As Per (Jobs) Act We Made It Easier To Increase The Capital With Startup Retail Investors And Expanding Our Projects In Suburbs Of Tamilnadu. Also, Our Real Estate Crowdfunding Helps Investors To Diversify The Risk In Their Investment Portfolios By Not Having All Of Their Funds In The Equity Market.