Joint Venture


Joint Venture (Jv) Is A Business Entity Created By Two Or More Parties, Generally Characterized By Shared Ownership, Shared Returns, Shared Risks, And Shared Governance.

Our Deal Between Multiple Parties To Work Together And Combine Resources To Develop A Real Estate Project And Most Of Our Projects Are Financed And Developed As A Result Of Real Estate Joint Ventures, It Allows Real Estate Operators And Real Estate Capital Providers To Join In Joint Venture.

(Individuals / Entities With Extensive Experience In Managing Real Estate Projects & Individuals / Entities Can Supply Capital For Real Estate Projects).

Our Joint Venture Agreement Also Enables Businesses To Take Part In Investment Projects That They Normally Would Not Be Able To Join. Primarily, It Allows A Company (Home Company) To Invest In Projects In Other Districts By Entering Into A Joint Venture With A Local Partner.

In This Case, The Home Company May Either Be The Operating Partner Or The Capital Partner in The Contributions of Land Contribution, Construction Management, Credibility, Credit, Connections

Now Check About Our Joint Venture Contributions,

Land Contribution:

As An Investor You May Be Sitting On A Piece Of Residential Property And Knowing That We Have The Ability To Develop It Will Show Up At Some Point As A Developer. You Don’t Want To Sell The Land To Us And If You Want To Participate In The Development By Contributing The Land To The Deal.

In This Case, The Investor Has The Asset And Needs The Developer. Also, The Developer Has The Ability To Develop The Land And Needs The Investor. Each Party Has Something The Other Needs, So We Form A Joint Venture In Land Contribution

Construction Management:

As An Investor You May Come Across A Development Opportunity But Lack The Expertise To Manage A Construction Project. Instead Of Hiring Somebody To Handle This, You May Partner With Us Who's Experienced In The Particular Type Of Project At Hand.


As A New Developer You May Have The Cash, Credit, And Expertise To Get A Project Done, But Challenges May Arise With Getting Property Investors Involved Because Maybe You Still Haven't Established Credibility In The Industry. You May Choose To Put Together A Joint Venture Agreement With Us To Get The Needed Capital.


As A Real Estate Investor You Don't Have Cash For The Down Payment And The Experience To Manage An Investment May Not Be Able To Get A Loan On A Property Due To Poor Credit. If You Are An Individual Or Entity You Can Travel With Us In A Joint Venture For The Credit Needed To Get Financing On Your Property.

Connections :

If You Are A Well-Connected Real Estate Professional You May Have A Relationship With A Quality Tenant Who Needs A Build-To-Suit Lease But Lacks The Means To Make It Happen. This Presents An Opportunity For A Joint Venture With Us And Our Investor Who Can Provide The Building To The Tenant.